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Structural pipe of steel pipe company supports "steel pomegranate flower" in Xi'an


Recently, "steel pomegranate flower" - the main stadium of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center passed the completion acceptance and was put into use. Baotou Steel's 5500 ton seamless steel pipe for structure has won praise in the construction of new urban landmark in Xi'an.


Zhao Jindong, a salesman in the marketing center of the steel pipe company, told reporters that the 5500 tons of Q345C seamless steel pipe for structure ordered by Xi'an Olympic Sports Center has stronger low-temperature impact resistance compared with the seamless steel pipe for ordinary structure, and is more suitable for the use of steel structure buildings in northern cities; After the appearance of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, I was very proud to see the landmark buildings built by Baotou steel products, which were forwarded and shared by all parts of the country.


It is understood that Xi'an Olympic Center, as the main venue of the 14th National Games, will become the largest national sports center in Northwest China and a new "city card" of Xi'an. In recent years, one of the key projects one of the "one belt, one road" has been played in seamless steel tube of Baotou Steel. Because of the advantages of rare earth in steel, the products of Baotou Steel have been easy to crack, stable in welding performance and excellent in physical properties, and won the favor of key projects both at home and abroad.

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