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Samarco plans to resume production by the end of December 2020


According to foreign media reports, Brazilian iron ore producer samarco said it planned to restart production and operation at the end of December. At present, the mining area has carried out equipment commissioning in the Germano comprehensive mining area of Mariana area, gradually increasing the production capacity of two concentrators and a new plant for filtering waste materials. In addition, the company's ubu comprehensive mining area will be officially put into production in the second half of December, and the main iron ore product is pellets.


It is reported that the previous annual production capacity of the mine was about 30.5 million tons, but it is expected that the mine will operate at a capacity utilization rate of 26% at the initial stage of production resumption.


It is understood that samarco mineracao is a joint venture between BHP and vale. Five years ago, a dam broke in the mine, killing 19 people and causing the worst environmental disaster in Brazil's history.

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