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Monthly production of Φ150 billet in steelmaking branch reached a new high record since it was put into operation


With the roar of converter oxygen lance, at the beginning of 2021, exciting good news came from steelmaking branch. In December 2020, the steel branch seized the opportunity of sufficient supply of hot metal resources, overcame the impact of Φ150 billet on the output, and made real efforts to stabilize the production. The output exceeded 170600 tons, including 16800 tons of 150 billet, which broke the monthly production record since the 150 billet was put into operation, drawing a perfect end for 2020.



The production of Φ150 billet has a great impact on the overall production capacity of the steel production line. The steel branch aims to improve the casting speed of other conventional billets, takes stabilizing process operation and strengthening equipment support ability as the starting point, and constantly tamps the foundation to create conditions for stable and high production. In December 2020, a total of 16800 tons of 150 billets will be produced, reaching the highest monthly output since the new billets are put into operation.

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