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Science and technology provide strong power for market reform of steel pipe company


Recently, Baogang issued a new project plan for Baogang joint-stock scientific research in 2021, and 8 projects have been approved for the research projects declared by steel pipe company and special steel pipe company. Among them, one item of class A, two for category B and 5 for category C.



In October, 2020, the R & D (inspection) center, in accordance with the requirements of the work arrangement of research projects of Baogang, combined with the research needs and guidance of the state, local government and Baogang and the development trend of the pipe industry, prepared the relevant guidelines and suggestions for the pipe products in the application guide for scientific research projects of Baogang in 2021; referring to the application guide for scientific research projects in 2021 of Baogang Co., Ltd., the research and development trend of Baogang Steel Co., Ltd. was prepared; referring to the application guide for scientific research projects in 2021 of And organize the application for scientific research projects in 2021 within the scope of special steel pipe company, and accept 18 application for scientific research projects. After the internal form review and expert group review of steel pipe company, preliminary evaluation of Baogang expert group, review of Baogang pipe professional technical committee and final evaluation, 8 new projects have been approved.


The new project of research project of steel pipe company in 2021 is based on the full market research and the development purpose of the full series of steel pipe products entering into high-end products. The project includes rare earth pipe, co2/h2s resistant The research value and practicability of corrosion super 13Cr series oil well pipe, high steel medium thick wall pipeline, trenchless drill pipe, structural steel pipe for low temperature environment, small diameter high pressure boiler pipe, etc. are all suitable for the market demand of steel pipe products and the market-oriented development of steel pipe company, fully reflecting the market-oriented reform concept of R & D service in the market and market.


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