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Baotou Steel's seamless tube obtained the qualification of qualified supplier of Harbin Boiler Plant


Recently, after the investigation and evaluation of Harbin Boiler Works Co., Ltd., Baotou Steel officially obtained the qualification of qualified supplier. So far, Baotou Steel's high-pressure boiler tubes have been shortlisted as "three major domestic boiler plants".


High pressure boiler pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe with high technical content. In recent years, the requirements of pressure and temperature resistance and material quality of tubes in major boiler plants are higher and higher, and the accuracy of tubes is also more and more stringent. In order to occupy a place in the mainstream boiler industry and become a qualified supplier of large-scale boiler manufacturing enterprises, Baotou steel pipe company gives full play to the advantages of "research, production, marketing, transportation and service" integration, closely combines product R & D with production process, quality control and market development of high-pressure boiler tubes, makes great efforts in product technical performance and accuracy, strictly controls the process, and strives to improve product quality Quantity control ability, to meet customer needs.

It means that the products and services of seamless tubes of Baotou Steel have been widely recognized by the market and customers, and the popularity of seamless tubes of Baotou Steel has been continuously improved, which has laid a foundation for the high-quality development of seamless tubes of Baotou Steel.

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